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Marina Levitina, PhD, MA, MFSPM, 

is a nature educator, qualified Forest School leader, herbalist, and artist. She is a member of the Irish Forest School Association (IFSA) and full member of the Foundation for Sacred Plant Medicine (FSPM).

Marina is a Heritage in Schools specialist with the Heritage Council of Ireland:

She is co-founder and CEO of Lough Grainey Nature Sanctuary in county Clare, Ireland. 

Prior to discovering her passion for nature restoration, rewilding, herbal medicine and nature education, Marina completed a doctorate, two Masters degrees, and a summa cum laude Bachelors degree; she lectured at Trinity College Dublin in film history and is a published author. She has produced several documentary films and television programs, and taught film-making to primary school students.

Marina loves plants and all of Nature, and is passionate about inspiring children and adults to reconnect with the natural world. She loves sharing the magic of plants with children and offers Forest School sessions and primary school workshops about Irish wildflowers and trees through the arts. 

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