Primary School Workshops

Music of the Plants:

Wildflowers and Trees

through the Arts 

Marina is a Heritage in Schools expert and can be booked for an online school workshop either directly by sending an email to, or through the Heritage in Schools website.


After several years of personal visits to schools (which we all miss so much), she has delivered over 50 online workshops to primary schools in Ireland in 2020, which worked surprisingly well for all involved!


As part of my virtual Zoom visit I offer a live virtual walk in a beautiful native Irish oak woodland where we get to meet many plants, and even hear some of them sing!

Music of the Plants


The children also can watch a pre-recorded video that includes some fun activities both indoor and outdoor.  We listen to stories about the plants and their healing powers, and listen to the plants who seem to want to share their ancient stories and their magic with us. We connect with the plants through music, dance, imagination, stories and learning to draw the plants, who are so there for us during these strange times, and who bring their joy and healing to us when we spend some time with them.

Number of Primary School Children Engaged in Workshops as of

January 2020: 


"Guardians of the Well"
a short film made by Marina
the pupils of 
Uaghtar Ard 
national school, Ireland
as an
Artist in Schools project,

Native Irish Wildflowers & Trees Through the Arts  are a series of creative workshops that give children an opportunity to explore and learn about Ireland's wild native plants through a variety of artistic media in a fun, exciting, and innovative way.


The workshops include storytelling, drawing, film, music, making herbal oils and infusions, and other fun activities that help foster creativity and imagination, while teaching children about Ireland’s biodiversity.

Each workshop (1&1/2 hour) focuses on a particular plant or tree. Examples include Meadowsweet, Hawthorn, Dandelion, Oak, Elder, Angelica, Blackberry, Dogrose, Plantain, among others.

During the workshops, children experience the Music of the Plants, a biofeedback device where electromagnetic impulses from plants are transferred via a sound card into audible sound.


The workshops can be offered as a once-off visit, or a

course of 5 to 7 workshops.

Age group: The workshops are best suited to ages 4 - 12. 

Costs: €50 per hour + €50 prep + €10 art & herbal supplies

Optional Extras: There is an option of organising a field trip to a local woodland, a sacred site, and/or a herbalist’s cottage.

There is also an option of making a short film with the children about local wild plants.

The workshops address the Arts in Education and Environmental Awareness and Care parts of the curriculum.

Garda vetted through Galway County Council.

TO SCHEDULE A VISIT, email Marina at levitiml[at]


'Marina's dedication, love and knowledge of nature and her personality made this a very successful experience for my class and a wonderful memory for all of us.'

Geraldine Power, Senior Infants Teacher, 

Oughterard national school, Co. Galway


'The children of Galway Steiner NS were inspired by Marina’s workshops. She is passionate and is able to share her knowledge in a fun and creative way. Marina has a wonderful way with children and she kept them engaged at all times with a wide variety of activities. Children were fascinated to learn all about the native plants and trees, how plants can sing, and they were proud as punch to create their own books in the end.'

Shane O'Connell, Principal, Galway Steiner National School


'The project opened our eyes to the wonders around us and we now know there’s more to our plants than meets the eye... We loved learning about the mythology around our native plants as well as the science and nature. The children were really interested in the medicinal aspects of the plants and enjoyed brewing tea and making home remedies.'

Anne Marie Griffin, 4th class teacher, Renmore National School, Galway


'Marina facilitated some fantastic workshops in our school. Her set-up was very effective. The children sat in a circle around a green cloth with the dandelion plant in the centre around which photographs and products of the plant were displayed. Marina gave a whiteboard presentation during which the children shared their knowledge of wild plants and trees. There was also story time, drawing and a chance to hear the plant 'sing'. Each child got a chance to communicate with the plant. The workshop was engaging, enjoyable and informative. It appealed to all learning styles. Highly recommended!'

Olivia Lynch, 1st class teacher, Scoil San Phroinsias, Galway


'Thanks for coming to the school, the children were enthralled by the folklore and information about the oak tree. It has totally changed the way the children interact with nature. We loved the workshop and wish you could come to our school every year. A million thanks, Aoife'

Aoife Dring, Primary School Teacher, Galway Educate Together


'Children were really engaged at all times - great variety of activities to keep children engaged. Marina spent just enough time on each activity so that the children did not become bored. Everyone learned something new.' 

Susan Finn, Junior Infants Teacher, GETNS


'A really enjoyable workshop that was age appropriate. Marina kept the children engaged with activities and stories and also knew when children needed movement breaks. A lovely learning experience.'

Eavan Flanagan, Senior Infants Teacher, GETNS


'Marina, Thank you so much for your insightful workshop. Your passion for nature was inspirational for our pupils, along with your patience and kindness. Best wishes, Kilroe NS."

Here is a short video
we made with the students of Cloughanover national school, as part of the Artist in Schools Project in 2017...
Schools visited:

Oughterard NS

Tirrellan Heights NS

Galway Steiner NS

Feakle NS

Renmore Junior NS

Renmore Senior NS

Galway Educate Together National School

Claregalway Educate Together National School

Claddagh NS

Scoil Bhríde NS

Flagmount NS

Claran NS

Cloughanover NS

Kilroe NS

Kilcoona NS

Headford NS