Sacred Plant Medicine is a form of traditional healing where practitioners work with the healing power of plants to address imbalances on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). Plants are respected as conscious intelligent beings who hold much wisdom and are assisting humans in their evolution. 

The first healing session typically starts with the patient filling out a comprehensive Healing Questionnaire prior to the session. This helps the patient to formulate their intent for healing and gives the practitioner vital information. During the first appointment, we will go over your questionnaire, and focus on the areas of your life that currently need healing. This can be on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. A healing then follows.

The patient is invited to lie on a treatment couch and the practitioner works with his or her plant allies intending a healing for the patient's Highest Good. During a healing, the practitioner may use a variety of healing techniques including sound healing, hands-on work, drumming, smudging with sage, and the use of vibrational plant essences, whatever is appropriate for the individual. To complete the session, the practitioner shares insights received and together with the patient, makes a plan of suggested actions for the patient to take following the session. This may include herbal self-care and use of essences. A follow-up healing session can be arranged, depending on individual needs.

Marina is a certified practitioner of Sacred Plant Medicine, having completed "The Way of the Wise Healer" apprenticeship with Carole Guyett, MNIMH, herbalist, healer and medicine woman (

"I had the joy of experiencing Sacred Plant Medicine healing sessions with Marina. She made me feel at ease and comfortable from the start of the sessions right through to the end. What I experienced during the treatments was nothing short of amazing. It helped me to heal after the loss of a loved one and drew attention to plants that would help me on my journey through day to day life. I would very much recommend these sessions to everyone!"    - Kathleen, MFR Practitioner 

"My appointments with Marina gave me strength, soothed my heart and nourished my soul. The therapy room was warm and comforting with plenty of daylight and beautiful views of the garden. Marina brings a deeply compassionate sensitivity and intelligence to her practice, which made it a privilege to visit her. The time spent with her created a sense of space in my mind, a place of high spiritual awareness, which brought me great peace and clarity. This enabled me to find new perspectives on problems."  - Julie 

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"When we take a step towards our own healing, we take a step towards the healing for the collective."