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Vision & Values

Vision Statement

Wild Plants Can Sing Forest School aims to support all of its participants in reconnecting with nature and developing confidence, compassion, self-responsibility, a sense of adventure, and empathy and respect for the natural world, through regular outdoor sessions in a woodland environment.


We value each and every participant and aim to make our activities joyful, empowering, child-centred and child-led.


We believe that spending time in a woodland and connecting with nature constitutes a crucial aspect of a child’s holistic development, on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


We value the importance of teamwork and strive to help children experience being part of a community for development, learning, and self-awareness.


We aim to promote the holistic development of all involved, fostering resilience, independence, creativity, compassion, and love for the natural world, and realisation of our interdependence with Nature and our fellow human beings.

We uphold the virtues of grace, peace, beauty, love and freedom.

We see ourselves as part of a greater community that includes humans and all of Nature.

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Wild Plants Can Sing Forest School

Flagmount, Co Clare


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