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"My son and daughter, who are 5 and 8, have been so lucky to take part in Wild Plants Can Sing forest school over the past two years. Marina has curated the most beautiful, nourishing space, by working in harmony with nature, while also celebrating and acknowledging its magnificence and wonder. 


The children’s time has been spent exercising their curiosity, by making art and creations with found natural treasures. They have played games hiding in the long grass and shared flower tea together.

The passage of time has been punctuated with the appreciation of the changing colours and textures each season brings. Each session weaves a subtle education of the rich surrounding natural world.


I believe any time spent there helps to lay a foundation for a lifelong relationship with nature that is one of respect, reverence and joy. A joy that nourishes the children’s innate calling to be custodians of the natural world, passing the baton on for future generations to come.


Their experience also strengthens their own inner confidence through engaging and creating with the simple beauty that the bounty of nature has to offer.


Their time with Marina has been so abundant and I’m so grateful that such a magical place exists, quietly nestled between the ancient Oak woods and Lough Graney."    - Sorcha Gorsuch

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