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Pre-Booking Information

Please read this before making a booking for a child for a Forest School programme

Site Boundaries

Participation in Wild Plants Can Sing Forest School activities is on condition that participants keep to the marked boundaries that ensure their safety. We are in an open outdoor environment with no walls so keeping to the marked boundary is very important. On their first day in the woods the children are shown the red ribbons that mark the boundaries of the area of activities. During all activities participants will be reminded to look out for red ribbons and to never go past a ribbon unless led by a Forest School leader.

If a child strays outside the marked boundary despite clear instruction to the contrary they may be asked to leave the Forest School. This is to ensure the safety of all participating children.


Appropriate Clothing

Considering Forest School sessions will take place regardless of the weather (except when there is a weather warning issued or in high winds) suitable clothing is necessary: 

• Woolly hat (or a sun hat in the summer)

• Jacket/waterproof coat

• Waterproof trousers/ Long trousers

• Fleece/Jumper

• Gloves

• Spare socks

• Sturdy Footwear‐ Trainers/Wellies/Boots

• An emergency change of clothes and a carrier bag for dirty/wet clothing 

• Due to the current concern about ticks in Ireland long sleeves and long legs are required for all. 


Disclosure of Health and/or Behaviourial Issues

To help ensure your child’s safety while at Forest School, please inform us of any health/behaviourial issues they may currently be experiencing, either by noting this on the Consent Form or verbally on the morning of registration. 

If your child has special needs, please contact us directly before booking so that we can arrange for a volunteer to assist if required.

This information is crucial in order for us to be able to give your child the care and attention they need while attending Wild Plants Can Sing Forest School. All information given will be treated sensitively and with strict confidentiality.

Managed Risk-taking

We offer participants opportunities to engage in age-appropriate and supported activities that include managed risk-taking, such as:

~ tool use;

~ rope swing and low ropes;

~ fire lighting.

All our activities are risk-assessed and appropriately managed.

Children are taught the safe use of tools and all Forest School activities have a high adult to child ratio, all safety precautions strictly followed and policies and procedures available within our Forest School Handbook.

The Forest School Leader is a trained first-aider certified in Remote First Aid REC3. 

Please be aware that falls, cuts and grazes can happen even under strictest supervision.

Consent Forms

At registration on the first day, you must sign a Consent Form with the following questions:

~confirmation that you agree to let your child take part in Wild Plants Can Sing Forest School activities, and that you have read and understood the terms outlined above;

~ your permission for a Forest School Leader, trained in Remote First Aid, to give medical assistance to your child if the need arises;

~whether you consent for your child to be photographed/videoed (no close-ups and no names mentioned) and for the images to be used by Wild Plants Can Sing Forest School for promotional purposes only (yes/no);

~whether your child has any allergies, or health or behavioural issues;

~contact details for two emergency contacts

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Places cannot be guaranteed until payment is made. Payment needs to be made before the start of the programme. Arrangements can be made with Wild Plants Can Sing Forest School to pay in instalments where requested.


Our group sizes are small so that every child can benefit from the time spent in Forest School in the best way.


If a participant cancels WITHIN 1 week prior to the start date of the programme, we will try to refill the place from our waiting list. If we succeed in refilling the place we will refund the amount paid minus 10% cancellation fee. 


If a participant cancels AFTER the start of the programme, we will try to fill the place and if successful will refund for the remainder of the sessions minus 10% cancellation fee. If we cannot fill the cancelled place for the remaining sessions there will be no refund.


A Forest School programme is charged per term and there can be no refunds for a missed session.


If we have to cancel a Forest School session due to extreme weather we will try to reschedule. If not possible to reschedule we will refund the amount for that session.

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